High Intent

Implementing the High Intent tracking code via GTM is quick and easy



1- Login to your account and go to the Tracking Code page on Settings.


2- Click on the “Copy Code” button to copy your High Intent Tracking code into your clipboard.





3- Login to your GTM account and create a new custom HTML tag. You can do that by clicking on the New Tag button and choosing Custom HTML from the menu.

















4- Next you'll need to paste the High Intent tracking code in the new tag and add the trigger.  The trigger should be Page View on All Pages. (Default trigger)












5- The final step after saving the new Tag is to "Submit and Publish". 











That’s it, your tracking code it’s installed! Visit your website and go back to High Intent and check connectivity.


You will start getting leads once companies visit your website. Cheers!

Still Having Trouble Installing? Reach out to our support team so we can help you!