High Intent Installation on Wix


This is how to install your tracking code on Wix easily.

1- First, click on the “Copy Code” button to copy your High Intent Tracking code into your clipboard.





2- Go to your Wix Dashboard and click on "My Sites" page on the top menu.




3- Go over your site and click "Select Site"






4- On the Left Menu, click on "Settings" and then scroll down to "Tracking & Analytics"

















5- Click on the Blue button "+ New Tool"  and select the last option "</> Custom"






6- Now just paste your High Intent Tracking Code on the box field.


7- Select your domain.

8- Under the Name, write: High Intent

9- Select "All pages" and "Load code on new each page"

10- Place code in: "Head"





10- Click "Apply"







That’s it, your tracking code it’s installed! Visit your website and go back to High Intent and check connectivity.


You will start getting leads once companies visit your website. Cheers!

Still Having Trouble Installing? Reach out to our support team so we can help you!