High Intent Installation on WordPress


This is how to install your tracking code on WordPress easily.

1- First, click on the “Copy Code” button to copy your High Intent Tracking code into the clipboard.


2- Go to your WordPress site Admin Dashboard.


3- On the Left Menu, go to “Plugins” and click “Add new”


4- On the search box, just type “Header Footer” and click ENTER.


5- Install the plugin “Header Footer Code Manager” or any similar if you prefer, this one just works well and it’s very easy to use.


6- After installed, click on Active directly or you can go back to the plugins list.


7- click on “Active” and next click on “Settings”.


8- Inside the Plugin, click on “Add New Snipped”.


9- On first the field write: “High Intent”


10- On the Location dropdown select “Head”


11- Go to the “Snipped/Code” area and just “Paste” your Tracking Code here and click SAVE.


12- Visit your site.


13- That’s it, your tracking code it’s installed! Go back to High Intent and check connectivity.


You will start getting leads once companies visit your website. Cheers!

Still Having Trouble Installing? Reach out to our support team so we can help you!