• Noy Tamarkin

Cold emailing 101 - How to do it right

Updated: Jun 27

Cold e-mailing is one of the most effective and cost-effective strategies to expand your client base and increase your profits. HighIntent has developed some very cool and innovative tools that will help you simplify and improve your cold emailing activity.

To enhance your effectivity even further, we have gathered our specialists which combined forces and implemented their most valuable knowledge into one applicable guide that will lead you to the path of success through cold e-mail marketing. Here we go.

Step 1: Find the Right E-mail

One of the main issues with cold e-mails is having to face the challenge of locating specific e-mail addresses. We all know how annoying and time consuming the hassle of mailbox management can be. Nobody wants to waste their time on mails classification and spam filters. Therefore, people think long and hard before giving away their e-mail addresses. As a result, e-mails have become an expensive commodity in our times. It is nearly impossible to locate a specific e-mail address online, especially if it belongs to an individual that doesn't want to be found. HighIntent's revolutionary tool eliminates this difficulty. It allows you to find the business email or personal email by simply searching your prospect by name!

Step 2: Make It Authentically Personal

The next step after having located the desired e-mail address should be about personalization. Every kid can scribble a few lines to assemble robotic content for a cold e-mail, but what should you write for the content to convert? Well, this is where you should add a personal touch.

Have you ever heard of the Cocktail party effect? this term is derived from the world of cognitive psychology. It perpetuates the interesting phenomena of the human brain's selective attention. Imagine you're at a cocktail party, sipping your champagne. the room is crowded with people producing lots of noise. Suddenly, you hear your name pronounced somewhere across the room. How could it be that all the other noises come off as blurry white noise, whereas your name was heard so clearly? This is one reason why personalization is a must - you want to stimulate your prospect's attention as much as possible. Another reason relates to the severe criticism people hold against spam. anything that slightly resembles a generic sales mail, is usually automatically deleted.

So, what can you do? You can search for more info about your prospect and find the keywords that will make your email stand out. You can do that easily with HighIntent's contact search, which will generate a full business profile plus education details and links to his or her various social media profiles. Once you understand who's your prospect, how old is he, what kind of projects is he into, what's his education, what are his interests, you can consolidate a persona. This will both set the tone for the e-mail, as you will know who you're talking to, and give you material that will help you catch this person's attention. Remember, it is better to send 100 personalized e-mails, than 1000 automatic ones. guaranteed.

Step 3: let's Generate Some 5 Star Content

This is probably the most important phase of all: the actual content. Here are some top nudge tips regarding the things you DON'T want to do. They should give you a solid range of the things you DO want to do.

Content – 3 things you want to avoid when writing your cold e-mails:

1. Being self-centered – remember the Cocktail party effect? You want to focus on the prospect and emphasize the value he/she is getting, and NOT praising yourself.

2. Not being Assertive Enough – This is basic, but people still tend to forget. You don’t apologize for interrupting, no point in that, you've already barged in. You want to be straightforward and calm. "Serve your dish" with maximum groove, confidence and charm.

3. Avoid Chilly Vibes – Don’t be too formal or generic. Be authentic. Let your real voice echo through the characters. Write as you would normally pitch.

Syntax & Style – 3 things that'll easily turn your prospects off: 1. Nonprofessional Content – If you want to be taken seriously, you need to take yourself seriously. Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, typos, non-organized structure, too much content – these are your fierce enemies. Professionalism is a must. 2. Easy on the exclamation Mark – There's a horrible tendency to express enthusiasm and importance by using lots and lots of exclamation marks!!! This could be O.K. when chatting to family or friends, but better kept out when communicating to your potential and existing clients. 3. "What Was I Going to Say?" – Write when you're refreshed and focused. Don’t let your mind wander. Keep it brief and centered.

The Grand Finale – The rule of thumb regarding cold e-mail endings is finishing with a call-to-action. An open, friendly invitation to conduct a non-compelling phone call, Zoom meeting or online instruction, etc. Engage your prospect with grace and maximum value.

Step 4: Choose a Template 1. The intriguing e-mail

People are attracted to mystery. One way to lure your prospects is by making them believe you have something of very high value to them, without telling them exactly what it is. To excel in this method, you'll need to be very accurate while demonstrating your awareness of their needs. If you'll be able to touch their soft spot while arousing their interest, they'll be looking for you.

2. The gifting e-mail

Give your prospects something they need. share some useful information or tools to facilitate their processes for them. This will both reflect kindness, which is top attraction factor, and will demonstrate impressive professionalism, given the fact you accurately knew what this person needs. a useful video with good tips, a good article that offers help with challenges this person deals with, or any other available resources you have previously made and still proud of. 3. The Vulnerable e-mail

Many people are attracted to honesty. One method to approach your prospect and make him care, is by revealing your vulnerable standpoint. Its O.K to admit you're not sure who you should talk to and Its O.K to ask for directing and help. This method builds credibility and deepens your prospects' engagement. The trick here is keeping the balance between showing what you don't know and what you do know. You want to come off as humane, yet highly professional. Engage them to help you but make it worthwhile. Demonstrate your value and segregate it with your honesty. Be sure to add an explicit call-to-action that will clarify brightly what is the next step necessary to be made.

4. The Friendly e-mail

One way to write a non-generic cold e-mail that will surely catch the reader's attention is by using a friendly approach. Is this person celebrating a birthday soon? Maybe an engagement or a child's birth? Show some affection by giving them that special attention that will reflect that you have done your homework and are not afraid to show. People are sometimes hesitant using this method since it might come off as flattery. If your sincere and you don't exaggerate, you'll have the upper hand.

5. 'Focus on the Value' e-mail

This is the most practical, straightforward approach. You present yourself, you display the value your offering and you can justify it with some facts. Some complimenting statistics, an impressive case study to help establish your point, a display of previous work you've done that had positive effects on your clients, etc.. Keep it simple and brief. Think about what this person is looking for, what can improve his life or increase his revenue tremendously and offer him the essence of that.