• Noy Tamarkin

Personalization 101 - A Guide to Dramatic B2B Sales Increase

Updated: Jun 2

Take Personalization to a whole new level and watch the numbers rise!

Personalization 101 - A Guide to Dramatic B2B Sales Increase

The business world is never-endlessly changing. Over the last two decades, almost all the economic arenas have shifted entirely to the digital sphere, requiring veteran brands to adapt and reinvent. But one thing hasn't changed one bit: If you want to generate revenue, you need quality leads with high propensity to purchase.

Highintent's team assembled some fundamental principles and useful tips that will help you sort out, hop in and distribute your resources better. Eventually, you will improve the quality of your leads, the efficiency of your work, and the ROI you harvest.

The quality lead battlefield

The fundamental principle of economy is supply and demand. The more competitive your field is, the more expensive your quality leads are. Bearing in mind the tremendous challenges involved in locating leads that overlap all necessary conditions for conversion, it becomes clear why quality leads are so expensive. Everybody needs them, and the supply exceeds the demand.

So, what do I do?

The online sales world can be quite confusing. Some strategies focus on lowering your CPL rate whereas others encourage you to focus your resources on improving your funnel conversion.

Whether you decide to use the help of professionals or attempt to run this mission by yourself, you'll find the options are abundant and the net is flooded with useful information to help you dive into whatever strategy you find suitable.

Lead Forensics: The Key to Conversion

When dealing with a flood of information, it is sometimes better to begin with the end. Prior to strategy consolidation, we advise you to mold your preferable client persona, learn to differentiate between lead origins and gain better understating of how your prefect sales pitch should sound like.

1. Classifying leads according to origin

Your website is your "main address" online. it is your business card, your face, your digital home in which you host all your guests (leads, customers, wandering strollers, business partners, etc.). The marketing strategies you choose pave trails towards your main digital asset, your website. These trails emerge from Google, Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, and so on. You can detect the lead's origin with the help of or using Google Analytics. but why should you even bother?

classifying leads according to their origin will help you differentiate a warm lead from a cold one. that way, you can focus your energies on leads with the highest conversion potential.

A person who googled keywords related to your field of expertise is more inclined to buy your products than someone who randomly clicked on your banner, right? A lead originating from remarketing already has some information regarding the brand – this lead is warmer. A lead that is subscribed to your newsletter and opens it constantly, has A LOT of information regarding your brand. This lead is HOT! Info regarding lead origin designs the course of your sales conversations and determines the amount of effort necessary, to convert this lead into a client.

2. Knowledge is Power

A sales process is like romantic courtship. Most of the deals are determined emotionally and not logically. A successful sales conversation should aim towards both logic and emotion. You want to express practical knowledge and convey familiarity with the client's field of expertise. allows you to conduct a thorough research of your lead's branch and its competitors. Sort your info into brief and clear points you care to mention during the conversation and add a few points regarding your experience in the field and/or similar fields.

3. Get Personal provides deep knowledge about your lead. You can find out where this person works? what's his position at the work place? where has he worked before? basically, you can put together a sketch of your lead's resume. furthermore, offers a peek to your lead's social media entries. This information sometimes reveals your leads areas of interests, hobbies and other pieces of valuable information which provide you potential interface points that will help you relate to your leads and get personal with them.

Sales Conversation Basic Psychology

All the information in the world becomes useless if not properly implemented in the conversation. The ability to close deals relies on the ability to gain the other participant's trust. To do that, you'll need to align with some basic psychological principles. One of the most important is focusing on the other side, in comparison to focusing on yourself. The more you will talk about the lead, the higher your chances to convert him or her into a buying client.

People become more comfortable when given the opportunity to talk about themselves lengthily and without interruptions. Combine that with the fact that people tend to mistrust individuals who center conversation effort on themselves, and you've got yourself a well-based winning tactic: less talking, more listening.