Connecting High Intent with Zapier > Trigger when contact is selected

This is how you connect your High Intent account with Zapier:


1- Login to your High Intent account.

2- Open on a new tab > click on:

"Start using High Intent now!" 

3- Login/Create to your Zapier account, click on "Accept Invite & Build a Zap"

4- Click on "Make a Zap!"

5- On the first step "1-When this happens..." type "High Intent" and select it.
Next choose your Trigger, in this case,
"On Contact Selected"

6- Login to your High Intent account.

7- We highly recommend  to avoid errors with the ZAP, to add a FILTER step to check if the Email exists before you activate the app you want to connect, like this:

On Step 2 on "2. Do this..." Select the "Filter by Zapier"

8-  Select "Employee Email" & "Exists" and click Continue (doing this will avoid creating contacts without email)

9- Continue by connecting the app you like and select the data you want to export.

Test & Active the ZAP. That’s it, your ZAP is ready!

10- On a company page, select contacts and click the button "Export Lead to Zapier"  it will be exported automatically to your app. 

Still Having Trouble Connecting Zapier? Reach out to our support team so we can help you!