Connecting High Intent with Zapier > Trigger when a company Tagged

This is how you connect your High Intent account with Zapier:


1- Login to your High Intent account.

2- Open on a new tab > click on:

"Start using High Intent now!" 

3- Login/Create to your Zapier account, click on "Accept Invite & Build a Zap"

4- Click on "Make a Zap!"

5- On the first step "1-When this happens..." type "High Intent" and select it.
Next choose your Trigger, in this case,
"On Tagged"

6- Login to your High Intent account.

7- We highly recommend  to avoid errors with the ZAP, to add a FILTER step to check if the Email exists before you activate the app you want to connect, like this:

On Step 2 on "2. Do this..." Select the "Filter by Zapier"

8-  Select "Employee Email" & "Exists" and click Continue (doing this will avoid creating contacts without email)

9-  For the Trigger "On Tagged", you need to add this Filter and write the tag name you want to trigger, for example: "Hot Prospect"

10- Continue by connecting the app you like and select the data you want to export.

Test & Active the ZAP. That’s it, your ZAP is ready!


11- On home page tag a company and it will be exported automatically to your app

Still Having Trouble Connecting Zapier? Reach out to our support team so we can help you!